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Focus on the Figure, Not the Stand
Secure figures easily with the hidden Action Hooking System.
Enhance your collection with classic wood and attractive specialty finish options.
Showcase your figures in groups with multi-figure stands.
Action Mount’s patented action hook design provides tremendous ease of use. It secures clothed dolls and action figures three ways:
By inserting into the waistband of the figure’s pants.
Between clothing and the figure’s back.
Into the bottom of the figure’s pant leg.
Additionally, Action Mount products feature clean and simple designs. When displaying your collectible dolls and action figures, no ordinary stand compares to the simple elegance of the Figure Mount display stand from Action Mount. By not requiring a bulky, wrap around harness, it allows you to focus on the figure, not the stand.

Finally, Action Mount products are priced affordably, making it possible to outfit your entire collection with quality Figure Mount display stands.
With ease of use, clean simple designs, and exceptional value, Action Mount is the display product of choice for discriminating collectors of twelve inch dolls and action figures.

Choose Action Mount, the collector’s last stand.