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Action Mount Products to be Awarded at Texas Show
October 14th, 2005
Action Mount announced today that their line of 12 inch doll and action figure stands will be awarded as door prizes at the 2005 Great Texas G.I. Joe Show. "The attendees of the Great Texas Show are the types of customers we feel will receive the greatest benefit from our line of action figure display stands," said Ben Filipiak, President and founder of Action Mount.
Action Mount products will be awarded as door prizes at the Great Texas G.I. Joe Show.

The company's original Figure Mount display stand will be awarded as well as preproduction units of the new sand and grass finished display stands. "We believe the attendees will appreciate the quality of our stands and the variety of finishes we offer," said Filipiak. The company is also providing its new Diorama Kits as giveaways, which includes 5 of the patented Action Hooks for use in securing figures in dioramas. "We're offering the new diorama kit as a means to meet the demands of the hard core 1/6 scale diorama enthusiast. Our patented Action Hooking system is a perfect way to secure figures in a wide range of action poses. It will help many enthusiasts to take their craft to the next level," Filipiak added.

Running 9AM - 4PM on October 23rd, the show caters to the G.I. Joe community. "We're glad Action Mount has chosen to participate in the Great Texas G.I. Joe Show. Our attendees will be thrilled with the display stands they've provided as door prizes," said John Graves, Co-organizer of the show. Graves and partner Tony Tillman of Creative Diversions have created an action packed day that features a R/C Tank Vs Tank Combat and Tank Rodeo, a G.I. Joe Trading Card Gaming Center, a "Mosh Pit" of loose parts, and a video theatre showing vintage G.I. Joe ads and short films about G.I. Joe.

Additional information on Action Mount products can be found by visiting the company’s web site at www.actionmount.com.

Additional information on the Great Texas G.I. Joe Show may be obtained by visiting their web site at www.texasgijoeshow.com.